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Useful tips for first time coffeeshop visitors...
Amsterdam welcomes thousands of smoking visitors each year, so what could possibly be a useful tip - if all you want to do is drop your bags and smoke a big 'phat' one?!

Well, our very simple advice is to smoke, just the one - and wait an hour to see what happens. All to often, we welcome a table with lets say 5 people, that all skin up that joint they've all been waiting for... only to wake them up 5 hours later with about 4 half smoked joints in the ashtray... You're now officially in Amsterdam, though you probably won't remember much of your arrival by now... Amsterdam is a beautiful city - and because there is no problem smoking outdoors, there are so many wonderful things to see and do here, we just don't want you to miss out. On the link Amsterdam, you will find more interesting information that will help you navigate your way through a smokey unforgetable holiday.

The beautiful thing about Dutch law, is that you don't have to get stoned... but you can whenever you want to...